The Science of On Hold Music: Why Music and On Hold Audio Marketing is Essential for Your Business Telephone System

In an ideal situation your business telephone system would be able to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without ever putting a single customer on hold. Unfortunately, no business has the resources, funds or manpower to offer that kind of service. However, you can control (to a certain extent) how your customers react when you put them on hold. Indeed, with the right On hold music and audio messaging about your business, you can keep your customer’s attention and prevent hang-ups during times when you are forced to put people on hold …read more .

Transform On Hold Telephone Time into Valuable Marketing Opportunities, with On Hold Ads (Advertising)

Do you have a business telephone system? Do you frequently, or occasionally have to put callers on hold? Do you leave your on hold customers in silence, wondering if they are still connected to the line? Research has shown that a lack of on hold messaging or music will result in customers hanging up the phone in an average of 40 seconds …read more .

Keep the Communication Lines Open with Your Telephone Customers, with Quality On Hold Messages

On hold music can go a long way towards keeping your customers engaged and on the line, in situations where you have to put people on hold. However, in most cases, music cannot do the job on its own. Customers will understand when your business is busy and will be willing to let you put them on hold for a couple of minutes …read more .

Retain More Customers and Prospective Clients with Voicemail Message and Recorded On-Hold Phone Messages for Your Business

Does your business frequently field calls from customers or clients? Whether it’s a direct line to your office or a customer service and support line, you need to be strategic about your phone messages. Very few businesses have the resources or workforce to pick up the phone every time it rings. The obvious solution is …read more .

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