The history of 1800 onhold

Founder Troy Cooper started the company in 1999, operating from the third bedroom of a small Queenslander home.

After a successful career in both the radio and television industries, Troy saw the need for a more professional and entertaining approach to telephone messaging, and started writing and producing audio marketing programs for playback on the phone lines of various businesses. The dynamic soundtracks were VERY different to the “...your call is important to us..."type message often heard.

The audio programs were so successful that small and large companies around Australia started connecting to the service after seeing real benefits of entertaining waiting callers with information on their business.


The now famous 14 day free trial is the basis of
1800 ONHOLD's offering, and allows businesses
to try before they buy.

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The company is now one of Australia's most awarded marketing firms, having taken out a Telstra Small Business Award plus numerous Customer Service accolades. 1800 ONHOLD was also named as one of Australia's fastest growing companies by BRW Magazine, featuring in the 'Fast 100' for 2005.

Every year more than 3 million people will hear the company's productions
on the phone lines of more than 5,000 businesses worldwide.

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