Transform On Hold Telephone Time into Valuable Marketing Opportunities, with On Hold Ads (Advertising)

Do you have a business telephone system? Do you frequently, or occasionally have to put callers on hold? Do you leave your on hold customers in silence, wondering if they are still connected to the line? Research has shown that a lack of on hold messaging or music will result in customers hanging up the phone in an average of 40 seconds. Some of those customers will call back and try again later, but others will move on to one of your competitors or just give up entirely. How many sales or potential customers are you losing just because you give your customers a silent on hold experience?

Unlocking the Potential of On Hold Telephone Time

If the setup for your business telephone system demands that you put customers on hold, then you need to understand the importance of using that valuable telephone on hold time to help your business rather than hinder it. Want to just keep customers on the line? Scientific research has shown that music keeps on hold callers from hanging up the phone. Want to use your telephone on hold time to build your brand or market your products and services? On hold ads and marketing messages can engage callers and allow them to learn more about your business while waiting to speak with a representative.

In addition to using ads during on hold calls to market your products or services, you can also allocate on hold advertising space to outside advertisers. In an age where most people change radio stations or TV channels to avoid ads, advertisers are looking for new ways to reach attentive audiences. On hold telephone time is an underrated and largely untapped advertising space, and it’s one that your business could gain a lot from implementing. Imagine making advertising money from your on hold customers? Imagine creating cross-promotional opportunities with the different enterprises and brands that choose to advertise on your on hold time? The potential benefits of this model are huge, and you should absolutely not ignore them.

Get Help Designing the Perfect Ad Campaign for On Hold Telephone Time

If you are ready to monetise your business’s telephone on hold time, or at very least use it to promote your own brand, 1800 ONHOLD can help. As a licensed member of the international On-Hold Messaging Association, we specialise in helping businesses optimise the marketing potential of their on phone hold time. From on hold music to marketing messaging about your company, all the way to ads on hold for third-party advertisers, we can provide you with the assistance you need to get the most out of your business telephone system.

Most companies have to put their customers on hold every once in a while. Why not benefit from this world of commerce fact by leveraging that on hold time into customer engagement opportunities, brand building for your company or third party advertising revenue? Click here to learn more about 1800 ONHOLD and our on hold ad services.

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