Keep the Communication Lines Open with Your Telephone Customers, with Quality On Hold Messages

On hold music can go a long way towards keeping your customers engaged and on the line, in situations where you have to put people on hold. However, in most cases, music cannot do the job on its own. Customers will understand when your business is busy and will be willing to let you put them on hold for a couple of minutes.

Yet, as a caller’s on-hold time drags into its third or fourth minute, he or she will begin to feel antsy and frustrated at the lack of communication. ‘Have I been forgotten?’, ‘How much longer will I be on hold?’, ‘Am I ever going to get to speak with a representative?’ It’s not uncommon for on hold customers to ask these questions to themselves or, if they are annoyed enough, actually vocalise them.

Adding On Hold Messages to Your Business Telephone System

By communicating automated messages to your customers when they are on hold, you can diffuse their frustration and keep them on the line for longer. Often in situations where a customer is going to be on hold for a considerable length of time— usually a problem with nationwide companies or any business stuck fielding calls during peak service hours— verbal on hold messages can go a long way towards helping a customer feel valued.

We aren’t talking about a ‘We’re sorry for the inconvenience’ message that loops every 30 seconds. These messages for on hold callers, while implemented with good intentions in mind, often only serve to frustrate customers more. If possible, you might consider adding a system that lets customers know how much longer they can expect to stay on hold.

You might also think about taking that on hold time and leveraging it as an opportunity to engage your target audience. If someone is calling your business and is willing to wait to speak with a representative, chances are pretty good that they are interested in whatever product or service you have to offer. Recording and utilising verbal on hold message marketing can educate customers about your business offerings, upcoming sales, events and more.

Work with 1800 ONHOLD to Design the Best Message for Your On Hold Audience

At 1800 ONHOLD we can help you to design the most effective messages possible for your on hold callers. We provide a turnkey solution that includes marketing consultation, program design, copywriting, audio production, licensing, professional voiceover work and more. Our on hold messaging is smart, creative and compelling— precisely what you need to engage callers, keep them on the line and convert them into paying customers.

Furthermore, as the only on hold agency in Australia accredited with the International On-Hold Messaging Association (OHMA), we bring a level of polish and specialised expertise to the table that you won’t find with another marketing agency.

Are you ready to design a message or series of messages that will grab your on hold customers and keep them interested while they wait to speak with someone from your business? Contact 1800 ONHOLD today on 1800 664 653.

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