The Science of On Hold Music: Why Music and On hold Audio Marketing is Essential for Your Business Telephone System

In an ideal situation your business telephone system would be able to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without ever putting a single customer on hold. Unfortunately, no business has the resources, funds or manpower to offer that kind of service. However, you can control (to a certain extent) how your customers react when you put them on hold. Indeed, with the right On hold music and audio messaging about your business, you can keep your customer’s attention and prevent hang-ups during times when you are forced to put people on hold.

The Challenge of Choosing the Right Music to Play On Hold

Many businesses don’t spare a lot of thought for the audio they want to play for customers on hold. Some companies hook up their business telephone systems to the radio and let an anonymous DJ do the rest. Other companies loop the same 30 seconds of music over and over again. Occasionally, businesses won’t have any music or audio messaging for thier on hold customers.

All three of these on hold music choices are risky. Linking your business telephone system to the radio is like playing a game of roulette with your customers. An on hold customer might be willing to listen to the radio over the phone if a song they enjoy is playing. However, if the song playing is something that completely clashes with the customer’s taste, the chances of that person hanging up the phone before they get to speak with a representative skyrocket. Music looped in 30-second repetitions can quickly become grating and can make customers feel like time has actually slowed down.

As for silence, it might be the worst choice of all. While some clients won’t like the music they hear during an on hold session, at least hearing that music serves as a reminder that they are still connected to the call. With silence, customers will feel like they’ve been left out in the wilderness without a guide. They’ll repeatedly check their phone to make sure the call hasn’t been terminated. Even with these constant reassurances, a lack of hold music will still make customers feel like they have been forgotten or neglected.

These scenarios reveal the challenge of choosing on hold music for your business telephone system. You have to provide music that won’t irritate or offend your customers, without making the mistake of thinking that silence is the better option. Pairing the music with branding messages or progress reports about how long clients can expect to be on hold can help make your hold music even more useful.

Select the Perfect Music for Your On Hold Phone System, with the Help of 1800 ONHOLD

Luckily, when you work with 1800 ONHOLD, you won’t have to worry about making the wrong choices with your hold music or audio marketing messages. Our job is to design the sound your customers hear on hold in a way that builds and strengthens your brand identity. With our help, you can choose onhold music that evokes excitement, confidence, pleasure, affection or calm— all with the goal of keeping your customers on the line.

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