Retain More Customers and Prospective Clients with Voicemail Message and Recorded Messages and On-Hold Phone Messages for Your Business

Does your business frequently field calls from customers or clients? Whether it’s a direct line to your office or a customer service and support line, you need to be strategic about your phone messages. Very few businesses have the resources or workforce to pick up the phone every time it rings. The obvious solution is to place callers on hold until you can attend to their needs. However, statistics show that the option to put customers on hold can be a double-edged sword.

The Truth About on Hold Telephone Calls

According to an AT&T study, seven in every ten business phone calls is placed on hold for an average of 45 seconds. Most callers (roughly 90%) hang up after 40 seconds, and when customers do hang up after being placed on hold, there is only about a 30% chance that they will call back again.
Clearly, being placed on hold is frustrating for customers. It’s also just a poorly thought out solution for businesses. Companies spend so much time and money meticulously formulating their brand strategies and executing marketing campaigns specifically designed to encourage customers to pick up the phone and call. Yet, when customers have moved through the pipeline to the point where they are reaching out via telephone, businesses don’t have plans in place to make the calling experience positive.

Many businesses don’t even have recorded phone messages for their customers to listen to while on hold. Instead of music, advertising or voice prompts, callers are left to listen to nothing but silence. Sometimes, the silence can leave customers wondering if they are even still connected. Always, silence leaves your customers alone with their frustration at being put on hold—not a good strategy for any business.

Keep Your Business Engaged with Phone Messages for Business

At 1800 ONHOLD, we specialise in creating high quality, engaging phone messages for business. We know that many businesses—particularly SMBs—don’t have the funds at their disposal to eliminate on hold time entirely. However, on hold time can be valuable for your brand if you don’t just waste it on silence.

Sometimes, you might want to use your voicemail messages to play music for your customers. Other times, you might want to use that on hold time for advertising and promotion. Our team at 1800 ONHOLD can consult with you about which options would be the best fit for your brand. Once you’ve decided on a course of action, we can provide everything you need to bring your recorded phone messages to life. From copywriting to audio production to music licensing and beyond, we take your voicemail messages to the next level with terrific insight and outstanding production value.

Don’t spend money on lead generation that you are just going to waste by leaving customers on hold and in silence for too long.

Instead, use 1800 ONHOLD’s phone messages for business service to spruce up your recorded voicemail messages.

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