The Production of your On-Hold Message

Our cutting edge digital production suites create the highest quality audio on the market.

the voice over

Once you approve the script, it is passed on to our voiceover studio. Our voice talents are all experienced actors or announcers. The production style can be corporate, conversational or fun, whatever suits your business! Our message productions include the use of both male and female voices at no extra cost. Quality 'copyright cleared' background music is also added.

the production

The 1800 ONHOLD digital production suites feature some of the latest audio editing technology available today. Our producers mix everything together, including any sound effects that are required. Before final dispatch, all productions are auditioned for quality control and specially enhanced for crystal clear playback over telephone lines.

the equipment

A great sounding message program means nothing if the playback equipment is unreliable. Our On-Hold Digital Message Player is a bullet-proof performer and plays day-in-day-out in thousands of locations worldwide.

Your on-hold music and on-hold message program is stored on "The Cube" a small digital message
player, packed with technology. It delivers  crystal clear audio through virtually all phone systems.

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