Customised audio marketing solutions for every business


Have you ever called a business and been put on hold to silence? Did you wonder if you were still connected? Statistics show that callers will hang up within 40 seconds and most won’t call back.

The Voice Over

Once you approve your script, it is passed on to our voiceover studio. Our voice talents are all experienced actors or announcers. The production style can be corporate, conversational or fun, whatever suits your business! Our message productions include the use of both male and female voices at no extra cost. Quality 'copyright cleared' background music is also added.

On Hold Messaging

An on hold messaging system reassures callers that your’re still with them and they’ve made the right choice calling your business. If a customer has never been to your place of business, a large part of the image they have of your company is what they hear over the phone. From the initial greeting by your front office staff, to the way a call is handled after it is transferred every second counts.

On Hold Music

The music used with your on hold messaging script is as important as the script itself. It works at a subconscious level to evoke an emotion that matches the message, excitement, confidence, pleasure, affection, or calm.

Eliminate Competitors

Playing the radio to waiting callers is less than ideal. Do your competitors advertise on radio? Imagine playing one of their ads to one of your callers!

The Production

The 1800ONHOLD digital production suites feature the latest audio editing technology. Our producers mix everything together, including any sound effects that are required. Before final dispatch, all productions are auditied for quality control and specially enhanced for crystal clear playback over telephone lines.

Digital Message Centre

With a 1800ONHOLD system, the music and messages are stored on a small memory chip that connects to a ‘Digital Message Centre’. This device is compatible with most phone systems.

The Equipment

Your on hold music and on hold message program is stored on "The Cube" a small digital message player, packed with technology. It delivers crystal clear audio through virtually all phone systems. Even in a power outage/surge the unit will reset itself without you needing to worry about it.