On-Hold Messaging

Ambient 1

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Ambient 4

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Ambient 6

Rising Light



Gulf od Mexico Pizza


Victoria Point Tavern

Body Shaping



Health and Beauty

Classical 11

Classical 21

Communicator Melodic

Corporate 6

Corporate 7

Corporate 8

Corporate 9

Corporate 10

Corporate 11

Corporate 12

Corporate 21

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Corporate 51

Float Away



I Spy


Out of Silence Melodic Electronic



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Dance 6


Don’t Stop The Dance


Lost In Space

We Are Loud

Cosmetic Dentistry



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Electric Dreams

Falling Leaves


Good Company

Good Company – No Intro

Long Ride Home

New Day

Ocean Lullaby

See It Through

Take Out

This Is Life

Aquatic Centre


Corporate Day


Personal Training

Pro Shop


Restaurant 1


Laidback Jazz 1

Laidback Jazz 2

Laidback Jazz 3

Laidback Jazz 4

Laidback Jazz 5

Late Night – Obscene


Flu Vaccination

Skin Checks

Health and Beauty

Professional Services


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Hiphop 3

Hiphop 4

RnB 1

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RnB 3

RnB 4

Casual Leasing


Sunday Trading

Burn Out

On The Road

Party Night

Punk and Fun

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Rock 3

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Upbeat 2

Upbeat 3

Upbeat 4

Upbeat 5

Upbeat 6

Upbeat 7

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On-hold messaging is one of the most powerful, influential and cost effective marketing tools available to business. 1800 ONHOLD has provided customised solutions that turn silent hold time into a valuable marketing tool since 1999. We are a full service agency, providing the marketing consultation, program design, copywriting, audio production, licensing and nationwide installation.

1800 ONHOLD is the only Australian on-hold agency that has been accredited by the International On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA).

on hold messaging association accredited

Sound bigger. Sound professional. Target your captive audience! Silence is not golden…

Have you ever called a business and been put on-hold to silence? Did you wonder if you were still connected? Statistics show that callers will hang up within 40 seconds and most won’t call back.

An on-hold messaging system reassures callers that your’re still with them and they’ve made the right choice calling your business.

If a customer has never been to your place of business, a large part of the image they have of your company is what they hear over the phone. From the initial greeting by your front office staff, to the way a call is handled after it is transferred every second counts.

Playing the radio to waiting callers is not a good idea either. Do your competitors advertise on radio? Imagine playing one of their ads to one of your callers! There’s also the issue of APRA licence fees that are now required for playing radio on hold.

With a 1800 ONHOLD system, the music and messages are stored on a small memory chip that connects to a ‘Digital Message Centre’. This device is compatible with most phone systems. With no moving parts, it’s virtually 100% reliable. Even in a power outage/surge the unit will reset itself without you needing to worry about it.

On-Hold Music

The music used with your on-hold messaging script is as important as the script itself. It works at a subconscious level to evoke an emotion that matches the message, excitement, confidence, pleasure, affection, or calm.

Select From Our Very Own Collection Of Music To Go With Your Messages.

From A Classical Piece To An Upbeat Rock Track (And Everything In Between)…, You’ll Find It Here. All Our Music Has Been Cleared Of Copyright Fees.

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